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Annual Conference 2011


Keynote Speakers September 2011

Dr. Arlene Audergon
Keynote paper: Innies and Outies: Personal and Collective Awareness

PowerPoint Presentation: dr_arlene_audergon
Audio Recording: Click Here

Dr. Larry Culliford
Keynote paper: The Paradigm Pointing to Paradise ?

PowerPoint Presentation: dr_larry_culliford
Audio Recording: Click Here

Dr. Michael Daniels Keynote paper: Retrospective and Challenges for Transpersonal Psychology

PowerPoint Presentation: dr_michael_daniels
Audio Recording: Click Here

Dr. Penny Sartori
Keynote paper: A Five Year Prospective Study of Near Death Experiences in a Welsh Intensive Therapy Unit

PowerPoint Presentation: dr_penny_sartori
Audio Recording: Click Here

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